Cirque Du Soleil – Vegas

Since it was first formed in France years ago the Cirque du Soleil touring program has amazed audiences all over the world with their amazing shows. Many of the most popular shows the group has to offer are being held exclusively in Las Vegas. These shows featuring the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas cover all sorts of amazing themes and feats.

What makes these shows in Las Vegas so popular is that the Cirque du Soleil group has been working for years in the field of acrobatics and other feats. The performers are noted in a variety of fields, including acrobats, clowns and physical performers of all types.

Among some of the more popular shows is the themed “mystere”. The show is held at the treasure island’s mystere theatre. The show features a live band and has many clowns and gymnasts through out the show.

One of there most popular shows currently is the “O”. The show is themed around a large pool and features all sort of synchronized swimmers, acrobats and nearly many divers.

If you are looking for a more adult show then you can’t miss zumanity. This show exposes the sensual and adult side of cirque du soleil. The show has a smaller group of performers but they offer something for every bodies taste. The show is part burlesque and part cabaret and each of the performers offer something different and unique.

At the mirage is their newest show “love”. The whole show is set to the music of the Beatles. The shows creator calls the show a rock in roll poem. The show features many great dancers,extreme sports artists. The show takes you through a journey through the many events and trends of the 60’s.

So if you are visiting Las Vegas and are planning a night out there then you will certainly enjoy the cirque du soleil Vegas shows.